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About Us

Accommodations recently restored and located in the historic center of Vico del Gargano.
An original and fascinating tourist accommodation offer inspired by the model of the "Albergo Diffuso", where the tourist stay is set within the daily life of the local inhabitant together with all the tourist, cultural, promotional, culinary, landscape activities,  that it offers.
Book your stay in the heart of the ancient village, in the name of tradition and originality, outside the current canonons of the city context, a stone's throw from the Adriatic seaside coast of northern Puglia  and the Umbra Forest, Gargano National Park.

Originally these housing units were in a total state of neglect and in some cases in the form of real ruins. The project for the recovery, re-functionalization and promotion of housing and the territory for the realization of this activity starts from a thesis project in Building Engineering and Architecture held at the University of Pavia on 2008-09, which had in the object is the recovery, re-functionalization and promotion of the ancient traditional architectural heritage of the village through the creation of the famous model of the "Albergo Diffuso". Operation that took place in 2014 through a specific intervention project measure with the GAL Gargano through an ERDF-type European funding channel that financed alternative projects aimed at creating small non-hotel tourist-accommodation activities aiming at the recovery of historical and architectural real estate assets and consequently to the promotion of the territory and of the small typical and traditional activities of the place.

The housing units still reflect the canons of local architecture, still preserving the " Genius loci" with that character and the internal atmosphere of the time without having to give up the minimal comforts and housing needs of today.

The main typical architectural elements  are the stone arches and niches, the wooden floors and roofs, the presence of fireplaces and related and varied types of chimneys on the top of the roof slopes, the presence of the so-called "Monacesque kitchens" small domestic environment delimited from the rest of the accommodation where there is a fireplace with wooden benches that served as a kitchen, once a heated place for family gathering. Very characteristic, also in different typologies, is the "pjeddo", that is an external staircase  in masonry consisting of a large landing overlooking the entrance.

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