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The Borgo di Vico del Gargano is perched on a hill in the green of the surrounding countryside from which it is possible to glimpse the sea on the horizon.

Vico del Gargano is a town of about 8,000 inhabitants of medieval origin, located north of the Gargano of Puglia, with a seaside hamlet of San Menaio and Calenella bay a few steps from the urban center. Immersed in the Gargano National Park, it can enjoy the presence of the floristic and faunal heritage of the Gargano National Park and specifically the Umbra Forest, a few kilometers away from the accommodations of the village.

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"Holiday Homes Al Borgo Antico"
Vico del Gargano - Puglia



Holiday homes located in the historic center of Vico del Gargano, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A dip in the past among the typical and suggestive alleys designated by spontaneous stone architectures immersed in a context of tranquility and history within the Gargano National Park, a few steps from the sea of the Adriatic coast and the Umbra Forest.

An evocative and timeless stay that combines well with the countless activities that can be carried out in the varied surrounding Gargano territory between Forest, Sea, Lakes and Islands.




The accommodations located in the heart of the Borgo Antico are characterized by typical local stone architecture, recently recovered according to the canons of local tradition and  furnished with skilfully restored wooden elements and the result of local craftsmanship. All housing units own  single independent entrance directly from the very suggestive and quiet pedestrian alleys designated by the level quotas that describe the hill where the village overlooks. A perfect combination of originality, tradition, history,  without giving up typical current essential services  to give the visitor the right comfort.

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